HVAC Maintenance and Repairs

Are you tired of having your HVAC equipment fail right when you need it most each year? It’s time to stop guessing about the condition of your equipment and if it will work. Having your HVAC equipment professionally maintained will allow you to get the most reliability and efficiency out of it. It gives you and your staff the peace of mind that you will be comfortable all year long.

Ongoing, Professional, Maintenance Provides Optimal Results

Most companies provide the same agreements to all their customers in a one size fits all fashion. This may work for most, but many times we found that equipment went without maintenance for who knows how long. At Irving Haase & Co., Inc., our Preventive Maintenance Agreements are customized for each customer individually. This will allow us to maintain all your equipment to the manufacturer’s specifications which maximizes the lifespan of the equipment, reducing unscheduled downtime, and added expenses.

HVAC Service Contracts in New York City

Continuous professional preventive maintenance agreements have shown to be a major factor in increasing the lifespan of the installed equipment. When equipment is running within what the manufacturers call normal operating specifications, equipment lasts much longer resulting in a decreased cost of ownership over time.

Irving Haase & Co., Inc., also provides customized HVAC Service Contracts. In the event of a service call, our highly trained technicians will run through diagnostic procedures specific to your equipment and get you back up and running as quickly as possible. Our customer service focused technicians will keep you informed and no major repairs are completed without prior approval.

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